Furthering the Undergraduate Research Experience in Economics

There are many ways both you and your students can extend the undergraduate research experience. Below are some specifically for economists, but don't restrict yourself to them-there are many other ways further your engagement in undergraduate research and share knowledge and practices across disciplines.

If you know of opportunities not listed here, please email epsizemore@randolphcollege.edu to have them considered for inclusion on this page.


The American Economist is explicit about considering undergraduate submissions.

Issues in Political Economy- Faculty at Elon University and the University of Mary Washingon serve as advisors to the student-edited and student-refereed IPE.

Undergraduate Economic Review- The UER is an online peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal in economics out of Illinois Wesleyan University. Faculty from across the country serve as advisors, and advanced undergraduate students serve as peer-reviewers.

In addition to the IPE and the UER, which publish works from students across the country, Resources for Economists lists college and university economics journals that showcase work from their own students.


Vanderbilt University maintains a list of regional conferences with undergraduate student sessions and awards. Austin College cohosts the Economic Scholars Program with the Federal Research Bank of Dallas.


Omicron Delta Epsilon's Frank W. Taussig Article Award is given annually for an outstanding undergraduate economics paper.


The American Economic Association's Summer Training Program and Minority Fellowships at University of California Santa Barbara includes research opportunities for qualified undergraduates.