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Application of oral history to economics: Family Economic History part of Examples
Application of Oral History to Economics: Family Economic History The assignment will connect an oral history approach to the examination of economic concepts such as opportunity cost of attending school, economic crises (inflation and unemployment, etc.), and standard of living over time. Particularly, students will interview parents, grandparents, or family members from older generations regarding the types of work they performed, economic decisions they have made, and the economic conditions while they were growing up. The project develops a student's ability to understand and integrate these concepts from a variety of perspectives and real world situation.

To Raise or Not to Raise the Minimum Wage part of Examples
In this interactive exercise, students explore the normative and economic issues that arise from minimum wage increases.

What are the causes and remedies to the racial achievement gap part of Examples
The lcture is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the causes and remedies of the racial achievement gap.