Stokes/Anti-Stokes schematic

The two types of inelastic interaction between incident radiation and the vibrational modes in a crystal, as represented by phonons. In each case, a quantum of energy ho is exchanged. In a Stokes event the energy is transferred to the phonon, and the energy of the scattered radiation is reduced. In an anti-Stokes event, the energy is transferred from the phonon to the radiation, which is thus increased in energy. In the figure, h is Planck’s constant; &omega circular frequency, k photon wave vector, q phonon wave vector; y scattering angle; n refractive index; v&theta acoustic velocity. --- Image courtesy Hauke Marquardt.
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Angel, R.J., Jackson, J.M., Reichmann, H.J., Speziale, S. (2009) Elasticity Measurements on Minerals: a Review. European Journal of Mineralogy, 21, 525-550.
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