Presentation on the background theory of InSAR

Presentation on the background theory of InSAR
A ~25 slide presentation that explains the underlying principles and some applications of InSAR, with a particular focus on the measurement of deformation due to earthquakes. The presentation could be used in a lecture or lab setting, or provided to students for review out of class. The slides are annotated with additional background information designed to assist instructors.

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Some of the figures were adapted from figures provided with permission from Tim Wright (University of Leeds).
The SAR image of Kilauea was provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
SAR and InSAR data are copyrighted by the European Space Agency but the images included herein were processed by Gareth Funning from the ESA data.
Additional attribution information for individual slides is contained within the file.
All images within the pptx are released under Creative Common with the exception of Slide 19 which is not licensed for use beyond this site. Licensed for posting to the GETSI website from by Elsevier to Gareth Funning (license #3755181103123). Separate permission for reuse must be sought from Elsevier by subsequent users.