Approaching the Text

Teaching with a textbook can have its advantages and its challenges. Our faculty interviewees discuss the possibilities of incorporating a textbook into their overall course design.

French 101: Working with the Textbook (MP4 Video 7.2MB Jul28 17) (3:50 min)
The textbook can serve as a "marker" for students, and they need the structure that it provides, but Christine strives for a creative balance in its use.

History 161: Unpacking the Reading (MP4 Video 8.6MB Jul31 17) (4:02 min)
Parna articulates her strategies for helping students engage large ideas in the reading.

History 161: Reading Text Aloud in Class (MP4 Video 26.5MB Jul28 17) (3:08 min)
Parna evaluates her strategy of having students read aloud in class, including both its benefits and its limitations.

Math 106: Working with Textbooks (MP4 Video 6.2MB Jul31 17) (3:05 min)
Deanna talks about how she teaches students to read a textbook with understanding and integrate it into the regular work of the class. She also talks about the importance of working outside of class.