Teaching as Performance

While none of our faculty members would say that teaching is purely entertainment, many would argue that an engaging teaching persona helps energize learning in the classroom.

CAMS 226: Teaching as Performance (MP4 Video 11.8MB Jul28 17) (4:22 min)
Carol reveals the performative elements in her own teaching style and how they open a space for student engagement.

French 101: Teaching as Performance (MP4 Video 5.6MB Jul28 17) (2:58 min)
Christine discusses the function of her teaching "character" and how it advances the learning of the students

Teaching with the Body
Studio Art 122: Teaching with the Body (MP4 Video 36.7MB Jul28 17) (3:58 min)
Stephen describes how his physical presentation enhances both the affective learning of students as well as developing their awareness of more bodily ways of "knowing."