Obstacles and Preconceptions

Every student brings preconceptions to class that may not be helpful in learning new material. This and other obstacles are factors that instructors will need to be prepared to address in their teaching.

CAMS 226: Obstacles/Preconceptions/Resistance (MP4 Video 6MB Jul28 17) (2:56 min)
Carol discusses the challenges of teaching students something new about material that seems very familiar to them and the resistance that can arise in doing so.

History 137: Obstacles (MP4 Video 15.5MB Jul28 17) (2:41 min)
Bill discusses misconceptions that students bring to his class and how he tries to dispel them.

History 161: Teaching Against the Grain of Student Assumptions (MP4 Video 29.4MB Jul28 17) (3:20 min)
Parna discusses the difficulties of teaching colonialism to students who regard themselves as "anti-colonial" and whose assumptions about politics may not prepare them for the dissonances of the course material.

Obstacles / Preconceptions
Studio Art 122: Obstacles/Preconceptions (MP4 Video 37.1MB Apr12 19) (4:41 min)
Stephen considers the factors that inhibit students from feeling comfortable making physical objects and how an instructor can help mitigate those factors.