Change and Continuity

All faculty experience growth and change over time in their professional lives, but sometimes it is surprising how constant their passion remains for their subject.

CAMS 226: Change and Continuity (MP4 Video 21.4MB Jul28 17) (10:10 min)
Carol reflects on the changes she continues to make in her pedagogy over the years, including having students do more original research. She also speaks about preparation, improvisation, yielding more control of the class to the students—favoring process over coverage—and her passion for her discipline.

Classics 114: On Tweaking Course Design (MP4 Video 5.3MB Jul31 17) (2:20 min)
Clara talks about why she "tweaks" courses every time she teaches and the importance of keeping the material fresh.

Classics 114: Three Months Later: Reflection on Student Feedback and Learning Outcomes (MP4 Video 8.6MB Jul31 17) (3:04 min)
Clara reflects, several months after the course has ended, on how her students' learning was affected by her redesign efforts.

How Have You Changed
History 137: How Have You Changed (MP4 Video 10.3MB Jul31 17) (4:22 min)
Bill reflects on how he has developed as a teacher, including staging assignments and attention to writing in general. He also describes his own increased comfort in sharing his own research and the process of how historians work.

History 161: Shifting Aims in Teaching (MP4 Video 15MB Jul28 17) (1:50 min)
Parna discusses her changing attitude about trans-historical connections that students make and her own changing goals in teaching history.

Math 106: Observing the Changes in Teaching Practice (MP4 Video 23.5MB Jul28 17) (2:44 min)
Deanna reflects on how she has become more comfortable as a teacher and how she has opened up her classroom to allow more student discovery learning.

Physics 131: Design, Improvisation, and Clarity (MP4 Video 11.3MB Jul31 17) (4:08 min)
Arjendu reflects on how his no-lecture method has changed his role as a teacher both in the classroom itself and in the preparation for each class. He also discusses changes he will make in the future to further enhance student learning.