Math 106: Introduction to Mathematics

Deanna Haunsperger
Faculty Member: Deanna Haunsperger
Class Description:
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of fundamental concepts and applications of mathematics. It attempts to provide insights into the nature of mathematics and its relation to other branches of knowledge, and helps students develop skill in mathematical reasoning.

Watch/Download Full Video (MP4 Video 262MB Jul28 17): 29:39 min

Class Video

Chapter 1: Course Goals and Design (MP4 Video 11.7MB Jul31 17) (5:45 min)
Deanna talks about working with low-confidence students and showing them a variety of topics in mathematics so that they see how the overall discipline operates. She also talks about the importance of beginning a class with brief review.

Chapter 2: Discovery as Strategy (MP4 Video 11.7MB Jul31 17) (6:02 min)
Deanna articulates the basic principles of "discovery learning" and how she uses it in this particular class, including the importance of giving students the freedom to explore a question in depth.

Chapter 3: Teaching the Process (MP4 Video 16.4MB Jul31 17) (7:50 min)
Deanna discusses modeling how mathematicians creatively approach problems by posing open-ended questions in class and having students argue for particular solutions.

Chapter 4: When Students Seem Stuck (MP4 Video 7MB Jul31 17) (3:27 min)
Deanna describes ways that she helps students restart their thinking when they get stuck.

Chapter 5: Working with Textbooks (MP4 Video 6.2MB Jul31 17) (3:05 min)
Deanna talks about how she teaches students to read a textbook with understanding and integrate it into the regular work of the class. She also talks about the importance of working outside of class.

Chapter 6: Observing the Changes in Teaching Practice (MP4 Video 23.5MB Jul28 17) (2:44 min)
Deanna reflects on how she has become more comfortable as a teacher and how she has opened up her classroom to allow more student discovery learning.