Studio Art 122: Introduction to Sculpture

Initial Publication Date: November 30, 2009

Stephen Mohring
Faculty Member: Stephen Mohring
Class Description:
The ability to build structures that reflect or alter the environment is a basic defining characteristic of our species. In this class we explore creative construction in three dimensions using a variety of media, including plaster, wood, and steel. Using both natural and architectural objects for inspiration, we will examine and manipulate form, space, and expressive content to develop a deeper understanding of this core trait and reawaken our experience of the spaces we inhabit.

Watch/Download Full Video (MP4 Video 103.8MB Jul31 17): 39:40 min

Class Video

Teaching with the Body
Chapter 1: Teaching with the Body (MP4 Video 36.7MB Jul28 17) (3:58 min)
Stephen describes how his physical presentation enhances both the affective learning of students as well as developing their awareness of more bodily ways of "knowing."

Unlocking the Learning
Chapter 2: Unlocking the Learning (MP4 Video 5.8MB Jul28 17) (2:13 min)
Stephen talks about the dangers and limitations of imitating the teacher and the importance of re-awakening an engagement with the physical world.

Obstacles / Preconceptions
Chapter 3: Obstacles/Preconceptions (MP4 Video 25.1MB Apr12 19) (4:41 min)
Stephen considers the factors that inhibit students from feeling comfortable making physical objects and how an instructor can help mitigate those factors.

Learning the Vocabulary of Critique
Chapter 4: Learning the Vocabulary of Critique (MP4 Video 11.3MB Jul28 17) (4:53 min)
Stephen discusses the limitation of words as a means of exploring physical objects and the need to push students beyond the use of metaphor in their descriptions of objects.

Moving Beyond Narrative
Chapter 5: Moving Beyond Narrative (MP4 Video 22MB Jul28 17) (9:23 min)
Stephen describes how students learn to describe what they are seeing, initially through narrative, but ultimately through a new vocabulary of common physical experiences. Stephen also talks about how he prepares for a critique session.

Student Critique and Student Anxiety
Chapter 6: Student Critique and Student Anxiety (MP4 Video 23.8MB Jul28 17) (8:56 min)
Stephen talks about how he structures the classroom critiques to minimize the chances for hurt feelings and maximize the shared learning about looking with intention. Stephen also discusses how he evaluates student creative work in general.

The Teacher in the Mirror
Chapter 7: The Teacher in the Mirror (MP4 Video 12.4MB Jul28 17) (5:04 min)
Stephen reflects on how he has become more comfortable in his teaching role and how that ease has improved student learning.