Post-Exam Wrapper

This wrapper was authored by Clara Hardy, Carleton College, based on an original version authored by Karl Wirth, Macalester College.
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After completing and receiving back their graded quizzes each week, students were asked to consider the quiz at the meta-level, and answer questions concerning how they prepared for the quiz, how they actually did compared to how they expected to do, what sorts of mistakes they made, and how they might, in light of those, prepare for the next one.

Learning Goals

The goal is to encourage students to practice their meta-cognitive skills, particularly of self-monitoring and self-assessment.

Context for Use

I used this in a beginning language class (where we have weekly quizzes on the material) but I can imagine it being useful anywhere students might be reminded to think about how effective their learning strategies are.

Description and Teaching Materials

The "wrapper" is distributed along with the graded quiz; students are given 5-10 minutes to look over the quiz and fill out the wrapper. Latin 101 Exam Wrapper (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 111kB Aug24 11)

Teaching Notes and Tips

I used this version in my study, but would greatly streamline and simplify it for later use; students have a hard time reconstructing the exact proportion of their time they spent with particular activities.


I did not assess how well students practiced metacognition; this is all self-reported data at this point and therefore not amenable to assessment.

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