Post-test Reflection Exercise (Wrapper) for Intermediate Spanish

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Initial Publication Date: August 24, 2011


This activity is designed to help students think about and evaluate their preparation for tests in an intermediate Spanish language course. Students complete the first four questions on the wrapper immediately prior to receiving a graded test. Once they have reviewed the graded test they complete the remaining three questions. Wrappers help students to develop awareness of their own learning and to try new study strategies when previous strategies have proven unfruitful.

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Learning Goals

Students develop metacognitive thinking skills (self-monitoring) through this activity.

Context for Use

Wrapper activities can be used in a variety of contexts (assignments, tests, projects) when the instructor wants students to reflect upon their knowledge building, skill building or progress toward specific course goals. Wrappers are very flexible activities that do not require much time in class, often as little as five minutes.

Description and Teaching Materials

Exam Wrapper Intermediate Spanish (Microsoft Word 34kB Aug24 11)

Teaching Notes and Tips

Wrappers can be used multiple times in a course, and data collected from each wrapper can help the instructor see if students are developing metacognitive skills, such as evaluating the effectiveness of study strategies.


One way of assessing students' metacognitive thinking skills is to look at the disparity between predicted test score and actual test score over the course of several post-test reflections in a term. One indicator of strengthening metacognitive skills is students' ability to accurately predict their test performance.

References and Resources

Intermediate Spanish Inquiry Course Portfolio. This portfolio describes a classroom research project in which exam wrappers were used to promote students' metacognitive self-monitoring skills.