AR Sandbox

Natalie Bursztyn, Quest University

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Initial Publication Date: July 13, 2020


This is a short introduction and some ideas for how to utilize an AR sandbox in your classroom/lab. This is not information about how to make your own AR sandbox! These activities aim to link topographic map reading concepts with applications in other areas of introductory geoscience (e.g. human history, rivers, base level).

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Learning Goals

Applications of reading topography.

Synthesis of ideas, formulation and testing of hypotheses, practice building analog models of real places and processes.

Context for Use

Undergraduate introductory environmental science, physical geology, Earth science, or HS Earth science.

Use as a practice model alongside a sequence of exercises.

Description and Teaching Materials

The attached document describes how to integrate an AR sandbox into your curriculum and provides some example activities that can be adapted to your location and course material.
Activity description (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 8.4MB Jul13 20) 


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