Robin Lightner

Professor of Psychology, Co-Director Learning & Teaching Center
UC Blue Ash College, 9555 Plainfield Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45236


Background Information

I earned my PhD from the University of Kentucky in psychology. I have been teaching at UC-Blue Ash College for the last 11 years including the courses Intro Psych, Personality, Social Psych, and Research Methods. I have led faculty development at my college for the last 7, offering workshops and facilitating faculty learning communities. I am member of POD, and frequently attend and present at conferences such as Lilly, ISETL or ISSOTL. My research interests include topics such as self-regulated learning, team-based learning, and supporting underprepared students.

Related Pedagogical Projects

I was a participant with the Self-Regulated Learning FIPSE grant led by Barry Zimmerman and John Hudesman in which instructors designed classroom interventions to include goal setting, monitoring, and remediation activities when goals weren't met. I also give workshops on the topic of team-based learning which I use in my own classes. This is a specific type of a "flipped classroom" in which content coverage is pushed outside of class, and class time is used to clear up misconceptions and engage students in application exercises. I contributed a chapter on these application exercises to the new book: Team-Based Learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences. I am also co-editing a book in production with Stylus about faculty learning communities in two-year colleges.