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What is Deep Learning?

Service-learning is a form of experiential learning which facilitates a deep approach to learning. Deep learners transform 'factual knowledge into usable knowledge' (Bransford, et al., 2000:16) which requires critical thinking skills, integration of knowledge over time and subjects, a theoretical application of knowledge to practical situations and higher order skills of analysis and synthesis (Briggs, 1999; Entwistle, 1981; Prosser and Trigwell, 1999; and Ramsden, 2003).When students have opportunities to actively use classroom knowledge, they develop an understanding of when and how knowledge can be applied in different contexts.

Why Does Service-Learning Promote A Deep Approach to Learning

Service-learning requires that students use classroom knowledge to provide effective community service. As Howard (1993:49) notes, participants in service-learning:

How Service-Learning Promotes A Deep Approach to Learning

Promoting a deep approach to learning necessitates reflection on learning, and both formative and summative assessment of learning. A learner- and community- centered learning environment facilitates a deep approach to learning.

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