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Student Preparation

Student preparation required for GeoPad exercises varies with:

  1. the intended student audience (e.g., degree of prior GIS experience, heterogeneity of students)
  2. the complexity of projects and the desired learning outcomes (basic note taking vs. collection of numerous data layers and complex GIS editing and manipulation).

For courses that can not require prior GIS experience and/or have less expectation for GIS learning outcomes, an incremental approach may be taken. For example, the course may begin with a traditional paper mapping exercise. The GeoPad technology is then introduced with tutorials on the basics of hardware and software. Mock field exercises may be given to introduce digital mapping techniques with instructors nearby for assistance. Student use of the technology gradually becomes more sophisticated and independent as the course progresses.

Another approach is to link the field GeoPad experience with an on-campus course that incorporate GIS fundamentals, digitizing, geodatabase design, etc.

Resources about Student Preparation:

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