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Microbial Life - Educational Resources
This site contains educational and supporting materials for students and teachers of microbiology, including information about microorganisms and extremophiles, and links to online resources about ecology, diversity and evolution of micro-organisms.

M.O. Title: Microbial Diversity of Prokaryotes in Marine Sponges of the Class Demospongiae part of Microbial Observatories:Marine Sponges MO
Created by George Rice, Montana State University Intro Narrative: Sponges are the predominant organisms in many tropical reef ecosystems and contain a great diversity of microbial symbionts. These symbiotic ...

Living in the Microbial World part of Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students:Living in the Microbial World
Created by Lorraine Olendzenski, St. Lawrence University Living in the Microbial World is a summer workshop for middle and high school educators, hosted by the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. This ...

Protistan Tales of Atlantic White Cedar Swamps part of Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students:Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Webquest
A WebQuest exploring the microbial diversity of Atlantic White Cedar Swamps Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion Teachers Introduction Atlantic White Cedar Swamps are found in a narrow band ...

Microbial Life in Marine Environments part of Marine
Microbes account for more than 90% of ocean biomass and constitute a hidden majority of life that flourishes in the sea. What is even more surprising is that much of this microbial life remains unknown because we ...

The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone part of Topics of Interest:Dead Zone
Created by Monica Bruckner, Montana State University Where / Causes / Effects / Remediation / Resources What is the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone? The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is an area of hypoxic (less than 2 ppm ...

The Squid-Vibrio Symbiosis part of Topics of Interest:Marine Symbiosis
By Tanya Koropatnick Vibrio fischeri - Euprymna scolopes - Symbiont Specificity - Colonization - Morphogenesis - Maintenance - References The symbiont: Vibrio fischeri V. fischeri is a luminous, Gram-negative, ...

Biogeochemical Methods part of Research Methods:Bio-geochemical Methods
Created by Monica Z. Bruckner, Montana State University What is Biogeochemistry? Biogeochemistry integrates several disciplines, including biology, geology, geography, and chemistry. Biogeochemical studies can be ...

Microbial Life Teaching Activities part of Teaching Methods
This collection of Microbial Life teaching activities is geared toward undergraduate courses in Earth Sciences and Microbiology. The activities are categorized by different teaching methods. For more information ...

From Plankton Net to Internet Workshop part of Topics of Interest:Lake Pontchartrain
Workshop Teachers and Friends, We are delighted to work with you as participants in the Loyola 'from planktonnet to internet' workshop as you explore the microbial diversity of post-Katrina/Rita Lake ...

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