Big Box Briefing Book -- Research Project

Eric Fure-Slocum, St. Olaf College
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In this project for "Wal-Mart America," we will develop a briefing book for public officials. We also will hold a public session near the end of the semester, inviting officials and citizens to learn about and discuss our work on this project. The overall goal will be to tackle questions about the historical development of Wal-Mart America and provide guidance (in the form of questions and/or conclusions) to public decision-makers. In doing so, we will ask how these histories of Wal-Mart America fit narratives of growth, decline, and sustainability. We will address these questions from both local (Cannon River watershed) and state (Minnesota) perspectives.

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See assignment

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Research assignment (and presentations) for History 297 "Wal-Mart America."

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Research Project Assignment (Microsoft Word 52kB Sep18 06)

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