All sessions take place at the Alumni Guest on Carleton College Campus.

Sunday, November 13

3:30 PM Welcome, Introductions, and brief discussion of the goals of the workshop

4:00 PM Reporting out on pre-workshop "homework"

What do successful students say?

5:00 PM Small group discussion and hypothesis generating

What kinds of experiences do successful students have in common? What do we think supports success in STEM?

Generate hypotheses framed in a way that is actionable for our courses/departments/institutions

6:00 PM Dinner

7:30 PM Keynote: Lee Cuba, Wellesley College

"Using Mixed Methods to Understand and Assess Student Success (Acrobat (PDF) 2.4MB Nov14 11)"

Monday, November 14

7:30 AM Breakfast at the Alumni Guest House

8:30 AM Reporting and discussion of hypotheses in light of Sunday's talk.

9:30 AM Keynote: Ann Renninger, Swarthmore College

"Who Continues to Pursue STEM in College?"

10:30 AM Poster Session describing programs to support students success in STEM.

*Posters should explicitly state assumptions made in designing programs.*

12:00 PM Working Lunch: Group discussions of themes common to programs at different institutions

1:00 PM Small group discussions

Reevaluation of hypotheses in light of Monday's talk, connections with program in place at our institutions.

2:00 PM Discussion

What are the key questions that need to be answered to interrogate our hypotheses? What do we want to know about and why?

3:45 PM Development of Campus Action Plans, Part 1

What will you do differently on your campus as a result of this workshop?

How would you like to be involved in further group/multi campus study?

3:30 PM Reporting of Campus Action Plans. Discussion of applicability and potential coordination across campuses.

4:30 PM Break

6:30 PM Dinner

7:30 PM After-dinner discussion

What are the potential complications and working assumptions on different campuses? How might these be addressed? This is an opportunity to discuss candidly the stumbling blocks that we all experience and to try to get advice from each other about how to address them.

Tuesday, November 15

7:30 AM Breakfast at Alumni Guest House

8:30 AM Discussion

What in the past two days has surprised you?

9:00 AM Discussion - Moving forward as a group

Are there key hypotheses that can and should be explored further? Develop specific plans for individuals and institutions as proposed projects continue to be developed.

10:30 AM Coffee Break

10:45 AM Development of Campus Action Plans, Part 2

How will your assessment of current and future programs be shaped as a result of this meeting? How will you evaluate the hypotheses explored here?

11:00 AM Discussion

What are the "breakthroughs" from this meeting that will be taken back to your campus?

12:00 PM Lunch and Adjourn