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Teaching the Process of Science:

Weathering Experiment

this page written by Anne E. Egger, based on an activity written by Pete Stellling

In this activity designed by Pete Stelling, students are asked to design experiments to determine the effects of different weathering processes. To do this, they use materials that serve as analogs for rocks - food.

Weathering Experiment is a description of the activity.

Integrating the process of science into the activity

How does this activity lend itself to teaching the process of science?

Students are asked to act as scientists. They can use their creativity to design an experiment to address a specific question. There is no right or wrong experiment. Some experiments will work well, others not so much.

In addition, this lab makes use of analogous materials, a common aspect of scientific practice in the geosciences.

Specific adaptations

As you introduce this activity, you can emphasize the authenticity of this experiment. You might also assign readings that address the nature of scientific experimentation (link to Visionlearning materials), the use of analogs and analogous materials, etc.

Assessing understanding of the process of science

.As part of the assessment associated with this activity, you could ask students to reflect upon the nature of science.