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Rock Cycle Skit

Rich Teske Pierz Healy High School, Pierz MN
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The students in this lab will investigate how the rock cycle works. They will be acting in a skit, commercial or song about the rock cycle.
Students will have to use correct vocabulary in their skits. They will then perform in front of the class meeting certain criteria with time words used etc...

Learning Goals

1. The students will learn about the inquiry process.
2. The students will use direct observation to discover the answer to the question "What is the rock cycle and how does it work"
3. Students will collect, videotape, and perform their skits in front of the class
4. Students will come to a deeper understanding of the rock cycle.
Other Skills
1. Group Presentation
2. Collection of information and ideas
3. Acting
4. Creative Thinking and Acting

Key Concepts
1.We have three basic rock types separated by how they were formed.
2.The scientific method is a way of discovering information about the material world.

Vocabulary Words
1. sedimentary
2. igneous
3. metamorphic
4. lithification
5. crystallization

Context for Use

This investigation is intended for use in a middle school class of about 10-40 students in a school setting. The class can get 2-3 days to work and research the rock cycle and additional time for presentation and preparation. The total time is 3-5 days. The students should be introduced to the rock cycle and earth processes so as to be better able to develop questions. You can adapt this to any setting. Special equipment needed is a video camera and any props the students bring in.

Subject: Geoscience
Resource Type: Activities:Classroom Activity
Grade Level: Middle (6-8)
Theme: Teach the Earth:Teaching Environments:K12

Description and Teaching Materials

I introduce this activity using the crayon rock cycle lab from science box. This activity gives the students a background needed to proceed with the activity. Now they have a background I review the rock cycle and what we have learned. Then I hand out the rock cycle skit sheet and go over the sheet with them. I have a list of vocabulary words about 10 long they have to use in their skits, commercial or song. When this is introduced I then put the students into groups of 4-6 depends on class size. I explain they can choose either of acting out the rock cycle, making a commercial about the rock cycle, or lastly make a song/rap about the rock cycle. The materials you need for this is anything the students bring in. The only thing I bring is a video camera to tape the final projects. To close the project out I have the student take a blank sheet of paper and write out the rock cycle and explaining whats going on at each step.

Teaching Notes and Tips

Make a grading rubric so students know exactly what you want from them.



Grade 8 Strand III. earth and space science Sub strand A. Earth Structure and Processes. Standard The student will identify Earth's composition, structure and processes.

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