Inquiry, Modeling, and Metacognition: Making Science Accessible to All Students
B. Y. White, J. R. Fredricksen 1998 Cognition and Instruction v.16, p.3-118.

This paper reports on the 1994 trials of the ThinkerTools Inquiry Curriculum which was designed to teach metacognitive skills to middle school science students. Despite sampling weaknesses, findings demonstrate positive inquiry skills learning. The study finds significant differences between subjects' grade, gender, level of educational advantage, and use of reflective self assessment. Findings suggest that science teachers introduce metacognitive skills, such as the Inquiry Cycle, into the curriculum earlier. For researchers, the study merits replication in a wider sample of middle schools in order to enhance generalizability.

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Subject: Education, Physics:Classical Mechanics
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Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Scaffolding, Inquiry-Based Learning, Cognitive Domain:Metacognition