The World Watcher Project: The Global Warming Project (Archived Version)

Northwestern University

Global warming and its potential impact provide the context for this unit, in which students learn about the scientific factors contributing to the debate. Students act as advisors to the heads of state of several nations and explore the issues as they respond to the various questions and concerns of these leaders. Activities include a combination of physical labs and investigations using World Watcher software, a geographic data visualization tool developed by Northwestern University.

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Keywords: Global Warming, Remote Sensing, Systems, Heat & Energy, Climate Change, Scientific Visualization, image processing, Atmosphere, Global Climate Systems, Environmental Science, Human geography, Topography/Physical Geography, Policy issues, Composition and Chemistry, Atmospheric Dynamics, Global Warming, Weather, Anthropogenic Activity, Systems, Interactions, Feedback Loops
Grade Level: Middle (6-8), High School (9-12)