Exploring the K-Pg Mass Extinction Virtual Field Trip

Arizona State University

This immersive virtual field trip provides the opportunity to explore the mass extinction of the K-Pg via a virtual field trip. Students can investigate rocks and fossils found at boundary locations around the world, explore biotic and environmental changes that occurred, and consider the causes of the mass extinction. Users can explore the immersive field trip on their own or take a guided exploration. The virtual field trips are highly interactive and include high resolution imagery and video as well as embedded comprehension questions.

Subject: Geoscience:Paleontology, Paleontology:Event-Specific Items , Extinction and Diversity
Resource Type: Activities:Virtual Field Trip
Special Interest: Online Course or Activity, Computer-Based
Grade Level: College Lower (13-14), High School (9-12)
Theme: Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Paleontology