Graduate Teaching Assistant Training That Fosters Student-Centered Instruction and Professional Development
Thomas C. Pentecost, Laurie S. Langdon, Margaret Asirvatham, Hannah Robus, Robert Parson 2012 Journal of College Science Teaching v. 41, no. 6, p. 68-75

Abstract: A new graduate teaching assistant (TA) training program has been developed to support curricular reforms in our large enrollment general chemistry courses. The focus of this training has been to support the TAs in the implementation of student-centered recitation sessions and support the professional development of the TAs. The training includes discussion of the pedagogical basis for the reforms, review of key chemistry concepts, and practice leading student-centered sessions. Data from the TAs, students, and faculty suggests that the new training has had a positive impact on the TAs’ ability to lead student-centered recitations and on their professional development.

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