Transfer of Knowledge in Science Courses for Elementary Education Majors
Amy Flanagan Johnson, Sandra Rutherford 2010 Journal of College Science Teaching March/April 2010

At Eastern Michigan University, elementary education majors are required to take four science courses (biology, chemistry, Earth science, and physics) in a set of courses designed specifically for them. The authors discuss preservice teachers' ability to transfer knowledge between their chemistry and Earth science courses. The courses were not linked together. The authors found that students did not perceive that the chemistry knowledge was useful in solving novel Earth science problems, and were not able to successfully transfer their knowledge, despite recognizing that knowledge transfer is an important skill.

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Subject: Chemistry, Geoscience
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Research Results, Pedagogic Resources, Journal Article
Teacher Preparation: Pre-ServiceKeywords: preservice teachers, introductory course, Earth science, chemistry, teacher preparation