Environmental Health Perspectives Science Education Program

Environmental Health Perspectives

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The Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) Science Education Program promotes environmental health literacy, using the scientific literature to teach students the principles of environmental health science.

EHP resources enable teachers to provide students with current and credible environmental health information. The lessons published through the EHP Science Education Program encourage students to learn about their health and their environment through cooperative hands-on and critical thinking activities and real-world examples. Students also learn their behavior can have significant effects on the environment.

EHP is an international scientific journal that publishes original research and news related to the effects of environmental agents on human health. The lessons published through the EHP Science Education Program build upon selected news and research articles published in the journal and are aligned with National Science Education Standards in biology, chemistry, general science, environmental science, geography, and physical science. The lessons are suitable for use in undergraduate and high school classrooms.

Subject: Health Sciences, Biology, Geoscience, Geography, Chemistry, Environmental Science
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Research Results, Scientific Resources, Course Information, Pedagogic Resources
Grade Level: College Upper (15-16), High School (9-12), College Lower (13-14)