SciNews Teacher Resources

Erin DiMaggio, Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration

The purpose of SciNews is to provide middle and high school teachers timely, pre-packaged lessons on a science current event (such as an oil spill, earthquake, or shuttle launch) that are short (~15 min), easy to implement, and align to state standards. Materials might include a slide show, videos, maps, photographs, or KML files for use in Google Earth. Each current event lesson has an associated PDF document that contains a brief overview of the event and lesson, as well as a map, photo(s), and standards targeted (the .pdf overview is in pink text under each lesson on the website). Although using current events in the classroom is not new, the goal here is to provide simple and short lessons that associate 'textbook' concepts with real events in the news while allowing for class discussion.

Subject: Environmental Science, Geoscience
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Collection, Activities