LTC: Integrative and Interdisciplinary Learning in First-Year Linked Science Seminars

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS, Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center


Tricia Ferrett, Professor of Chemistry; and Lawrence Wichlinski, Associate Professor of Psychology

Trish Ferrett and Larry Wichlinkski have been working with a group of other science and math faculty on a new study on integrative learning in first-year science courses. After providing the larger context for this study, Trish and Larry will talk mostly about their linked first-year seminar on paradigm shifts from last fall, which spanned science and social science. Both instructors taught a modern, ongoing paradigm shift--Trish on abrupt climate change, Larry on the mind-brain relationship. Their joint seminar sessions explored issues of human conceptual change. Trish and Larry will try to provide some insight into what kinds of integrative thinking first-term first-year Carleton students actually do, what this looks like, and how course design can further encourage integrative thinking in younger college students.

Cosponsor: Carleton Interdisciplinary Science and Math Initiative (CISMI)

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