LTC: New Initiatives in Academic Civic Engagement

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Kelly Connole, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, Empty Bowls Project; Kelly Connole, Vice President, Business Development, First National Bank; Nazish Zafar ’07, Service Internship, Kitezh Children’s Community; Kaluga Region, Russia; Avianne Boney ’07, Student Academic Civic Engagement Coordinator; Erin Sterling ’05, Educational Associate, ACT; Amber Swiggum ’06, Panel Moderator, Student Academic Civic Engagement Coordinator

Academic Civic Engagement continues to be an important part of many Carleton courses, independent studies, comps projects and not-for-credit experiences. This session highlights at least three initiatives:

1) The College Board of Business Consultants, an effort to connect Northfield college students with local businesses "to study, research and potenitally solve real-world business dilemmas", represented by Rick Estenson, Vice President, Business Development, First National Bank of Northfield

2) Initiative for Service Internships in International Development, represented by Nazish Zafar ’07 whose summer 2005 internship was with Kitezh Children’s Community, in the Kaluga Region, Russia

3) Empty Bowls, a project of Carleton ceramics classes to benefit the Northfield Community Action Center, represented by Kelly Connole, Assistant Professor of Studio Art.

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