LTC: The Arb: It's Not Just About Birdwatching

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS, Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center


Nancy Brakker, Arb Director; Dan Bruggeman, Senior Lecturer in Art; Mike Kowalewski, McBride Professor of English and Environmental Studies; Mark McKone, Professor of Biology and Research Supervisor of the Cowling Arboretum; Mary Savina, Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology; and Katie St. Clair, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

The Cowling Arboretum, situated immediately adjacent to campus, provides easy access and opportunities for incorporating the natural world into the classroom experience in a variety of ways. Hear from your colleagues about how they have utilized the Arb in their teaching and research, and help brainstorm on additional ways the Arb might be incorporated into the academic setting.

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