Taking Stock: Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Edited by Julia Christensen Hughes, and Joy Mighty 2010 McGill-Queen's University Press

Drawing on contributions by renowned educational researchers, this book 'takes stock' of teaching and learning research in higher education. Core findings include:

- There is a relationship between how faculty teach and how students learn - when faculty teach in traditional teacher-centered ways, students tend to adopt surface learning strategies.

- There is also a relationship between how students learn and the learning outcomes they achieve - surface learning strategies tend to result in a variety of learning deficits.

- The majority of faculty continue to teach in traditional teacher-centered ways, resulting in system-wide learning deficits.

- There is much faculty can do in support of student learning - from improving organization and communication in the traditional lecture to the adoption of non-traditional pedagogies and assessment techniques.

Arguing for an enhanced commitment to evidence-based practice, Taking Stock offers concrete suggestions for changes on a systemic level in support of student learning and calls on all those working in higher education - faculty, educational developers, administrators, and government officials - to work together to bring about these changes.

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Subject: Education
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Overview/Summary, Collection, Research Results, Edited Book
Research on Learning: Instructional Design, Ways Of LearningKeywords: research on learning, student-centered learning