Where's the evidence that active learning works?
Joel Michael 2006 Advances in Physiology Education 30 p159-167

From Abstract: Calls for reforms in the ways we teach science at all levels, and in all disciplines, are wide spread. The effectiveness of the changes being called for, employment of student-centered, active learning pedagogy, is now well supported by evidence. The relevant data have come from a number of different disciplines that include the learning sciences, cognitive psychology, and educational psychology. There is a growing body of research within specific scientific teaching communities that supports and validates the new approaches to teaching that have been adopted. These data are reviewed, and their applicability to physiology education is discussed. Some of the inherent limitations of research about teaching and learning are also discussed.

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Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources, Overview/Summary, Description of Pedagogic Method, Research Results, Journal Article
Research on Learning: Ways Of Learning:Active/Kinesthetic/Experiential, Ways Of Learning