Undergraduate Research: Genomics Education Partnership
D. Lopatto, C. Alvarez, D. Barnard, C. Chandrasekaran, H.-M. Chung, C. Du, T. Eckdahl, A.L. Goodman, C. Hauser, C.J. Jones, O.R. Kopp, G.A. Kuleck, G. McNeil, R. Morris, J.L. Myka, A. Nagengast, P.J. Overvoorde, J.L. Poet, K. Reed, Regisf 2008 Science v322 n5902 pp684-685

The authors describe how they have assessed student learning gains in the nature and process of science by integrating genomic research intro the undergraduate curriculum.

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Subject: Education, Biology
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources
Special Interest: Process of Science
Research on Learning: Assessment