Designing Coherent Science Education: Implications for Curriculum, Instruction, and Policy
Yael Kali, Marcia C. Linn, Jo Ellen Roseman 2008 Teachers College Press

Too often in today's science classes, students learn isolated facts but are unprepared to apply scientific thinking outside of checking off answers on standardized tests. Designing Coherent Science Education demonstrates how effective instruction, supported by research-based curriculum materials and technologies, prepares learners to use scientific principles to make sense of the world around them. Arising from the National Science Foundation-funded Delineating and Evaluating Coherent Instructional Designs for Education (DECIDE) project, this volume brings together experts in curriculum development, technology-assisted learning, diversity, teacher education, and assessment to consider strategies that will help students achieve a more integrated understanding of science. [description from]

ISBN 978-0807749135
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