Global Warming Art

Robert Rohde, Global Warming Art

Like all sciences, the study of climate change relies upon a thorough and comprehensive investigation of the data. It is the goal of Global Warming Art to make some of that data accessible to the public through a collection of figures and images that accurately highlight and describe key issues necessary to understanding our world's changing climate.

In the spirit of free content, this site strives to incorporate and develop materials that may be widely reused by the public at large. All text is licensed under the GNU Free Document License and most images are released under some similar form of generous use license, though individual terms vary. Also in the spirit of free content, this site will seek to build upon free resources from NASA, NOAA, Wikipedia and others. In particular, many terms and important concepts will be green-linked back to Wikipedia in order to provide the reader with more detailed information than is available here. Despite this close integration, Global Warming Art is not part of the Wikimedia family of sites.

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