Speciation and Wolbachia

Timothy Karr, Bill Ballard, Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

This scientific article offers a comprehensive overview of Wolbachia and its role in speciation. Sections include: What Wolbachia is; What Wolbachia Does to Its Host; Wolbachia – a Reproductive Parasite of Arthropods; Models for CI (Cytoplasmic Incompatibility); Theory of Coevolution of Wolbachia and Host Insect; Likely (Theoretical) Role of Wolbachia in Speciation; Drosophila as a Case Study; and What Defines a Strain of Wolbachia. A subscription to the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences may be required to view this article.

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Subject: Biology, Microbiology, Evolution:Patterns, Processes, Biology:Ecology:Symbiotic Relations, Biology:Evolution, Evolution:Principles
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