Producing websites for assessment: A case study from a level 1 fieldwork module
D. France, C. Ribchester 2004 Journal Of Geography In Higher Education v28 p49-62

BSc Single Subject Geography students at University College Chester enroll for a core module that involves the acquisition of fieldwork data, data analysis and project design. One of this module's assessment exercises requires students to 'write up' a field-based research project as a functioning website. This paper explores the practicalities of delivering this type of assessment and of providing support for students. It then discusses tutor perceptions and student feedback, both of which suggest that the website assignment 'adds value' to the core module aims by facilitating the development of C & IT skills, in addition to providing intellectual challenges associated with the selection, integration, presentation and structuring of information.

Research on Learning: Assessment, Instructional Design:Incorporating Research Experiences, Teaching in the Field, Ways Of Learning:In the Field, Affective Domain:Student Attitudes