Motivation from Within: Approaches for Encouraging Faculty and Students to Excel: New Directions in Teaching and Learning, No. 78
Michael Theall, editor 1999 Jossey-Bass Publishers

The dozen authors of this book describe how motivational efforts involve adapting one's personal strengths to accommodate unique situations. Motivation is not something one "does to" others. Rather, efforts to motivate students and professors involve first connecting with their interests and their concerns, then broadening these with expanded significant choices, and gradually increasing participants' empowerment to meet these new aspirations. Three themes from the authors give rise to the three parts of the book: (1) Motivation and Learners; (2) Motivation and Methods and (3) Motivation and Institutions. Essential to success are careful delineation of goals, support and encouragement, trust in participants to make good choices, and mentoring participants to self-sustain through growth into leadership roles.

ISBN 978-0-7879-4875-7
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