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Teachers' Domain is an online educational service with two related components (collections and courses) that help teachers enhance their students' learning experiences and advance their own teaching skills. It offers an extensive collection of classroom-ready resources, lesson plans, and professional development resources. Lesson plans include detailed instructions for their presentation and incorporate multimedia resources such as television programs from 'NOVA' and 'American Experience', video and audio clips, interactives, images, and documents. Professional development courses are available online and through school districts, universites, or other licensed educational organizations. They are intended to broaden content knowledge, enhance inquiry methodology and teaching strategies, and help teachers integrate technology and multimedia into their classrooms. Registration and log-in are required.

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Subject: Geoscience:Atmospheric Science, Hydrology, Biology, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Geoscience:Lunar and Planetary Science
Grade Level: High School (9-12), Intermediate (3-5), Primary (K-2), Middle (6-8)
Topics: Atmosphere, Biosphere, Climate, Hydrosphere/Cryosphere, Solar system, Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics, Human Dimensions/Resources
Theme: Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Hydrology/Hydrogeology, Teach the Earth:Incorporating Societal Issues:Climate Change, Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Planetary Science, Atmospheric Science, Teach the Earth:Teaching Topics:Water