Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory

Visit the Earth Observatory to read feature articles on wide-ranging Earth system science topics, as well as see the latest images, media alerts, and summaries of Earth science headlines from radio, newspaper, and television. Do you have a question about the Earth's environment, or climate? Go to the Ask-a-Scientist section to submit a question. The site also includes answers from previous questions. An Experiments section includes classroom activities and experiments.

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Subject: Geoscience:Hydrology, Biology, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science, Lunar and Planetary Science
Grade Level: College Lower (13-14), Informal, College Upper (15-16), High School (9-12), Graduate/Professional, General Public
Topics: Biosphere, Hydrosphere/Cryosphere, Solar system, Atmosphere
Theme: Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Hydrology/Hydrogeology, Planetary Science, Atmospheric Science, Teach the Earth:Teaching Topics:WaterKeywords: Climate change, El Ni-a, La Ni-a, Earth Observing System, Radiation &/or radiative flux, Satellites &/or spacecraft, Ozone, Clouds and aerosols, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere, Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Systems, Interactions, Feedback Loops, Remote Sensing (Active and Passive), Earth in Space