Online Guide: Hurricanes

Mohan Ramamurthy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Hurricanes is one of several online guides produced by the Weather World 2010 project at the University of Illinois. These guides use multimedia technology and the dynamic capabilities of the web to incorporate text, colorful diagrams, animations, computer simulations, audio, and video to introduce topics and concepts in the atmospheric sciences. The purpose of this module is to introduce hurricanes and their associated features, to show where hurricanes develop, and to explain the atmospheric conditions necessary for hurricane development. This guide covers topics such as hurricane growth, structure, movement, stages of development, preparation for hurricanes, damage and destruction, naming hurricanes, and how El Nino affects hurricanes. There is a storm tracker to view tracks of past cyclones, and a 3-D interactive trip through a hurricane.

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