RIDGE Multibeam Synthesis Project

Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

The RIDGE Program is a National Science Foundation initiative that promotes interdisciplinary study, scientific communication, and outreach related to all aspects of the globe-encircling, mid-ocean ridge system. The RIDGE Multibeam Synthesis Project site provides free access to downloadable multibeam bathymetric images and datasets of suboceanic ridges and vents. From either a hotlinked world map or a drop-down menu, users can specify the feature of interest - from the Reykjanes Ridge to the Shona Hotspot to the Galapagos Spreading Center - then progressively zoom to finer grid scales. The bathymetric images are depicted at different node spacings (100 m to 1500m) and grids are supported by the appropriate metadata. The images are also accompanied by ping data (including ship tracks) and other related data, which may include coaxial segment perspective images or isochron interpretation maps. Also, for many of the grids the user can specify subsample regions or retrieve contour areas of subregions. Links throughout the site include those to the main RIDGE page, a gallery of coaxial images, information on Served Data Formats, and the Principal Investigators involved with the Project.

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