ReefBase: A Global Information System On Coral Reefs

ICLARM The World Fish Center, ICLARM - The World Fish Center

ReefBase provides access to data and information on coral reefs and associated shallow tropical habitats. The site consists of three main sections: Reef Status, a Database, and the Users Area. Reef Status presents a compilation of summary reports pertaining to and indexed by global, regional, and national scales. Common topics in the reports include: reef benthos, reef fish, natural and anthropogenic threats, climate change impacts, marine protected areas, monitoring and management capacity, government policy, laws, and regulations, and author conclusions and recommendations for reef conservation. The Database provides for two sequential levels of searching: after a country or region is chosen, an overview provides general reef related information on that locale. The user can then further his/her search using one of three additional menus: Coral Reef, Protected Area, and Image/Map. The Coral Reef option currently returns basic information on nearly 10,000 reefs; in the future, additional information will address ecology, stresses, exploitation and management. The Protected Area option returns protections information largely compiled by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre. The third search option, Image/Map, returns visuals according to four criteria: Type (e.g., aerial, maps, underwater); Author; Stress (e.g., coastal development, oil pollution, siltation); or Lifeform (e.g., coralline algae, sea urchin, submassive). In addition, GIS data will soon be made available under this option. The final section on the site, the Users Area, provides both contact information and means of contributing to the site's contents.

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