The Weather Underground (title provided or enhanced by cataloger)

This web site allows the user to access a variety of weather-related maps for the United States and the World. The types of maps accessible include radar, visibility, wind, heat index, wind chill, humidity, dew point, Ultra Violet forecast, satellite, fronts, snow, jet stream, and pollen. Users can also access Nexrad composite imagery with mixed precipitation, and United States current Nexrad. Other available maps include United States visible satellite, United States severe weather, astronomy, ski reports, marine forecasts, and tropical storms. International weather maps can also be obtained for Canada, Central and South America, Northern and Southern Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, Islands and Antarctica. Users can also access specific weather information for cities within states, listing both metric and English measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, conditions, when updated, and weather warnings. Special features of this site include a personal weather station project, which allows users to download weather software to allow them to upload their weather data to The Weather Underground, and a flight tracker, which allows the tracking of specific or random flights.

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