Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Illinois State Geological Survey

This site is a gateway to GIS data and imagery for Illinois geology, hydrology, natural history, conservation, environment, land use, Public Land Survey, and infrastructure. These data have been made available by several divisions of the Illinois DNR and address such topics as groundwater, wells, mines, geologic materials, nature preserves, wildlife areas, administrative and political boundaries, roads, census information, and many others. The Scientific Surveys and Offices of the Illinois DNR have used GIS technology for research in the public service for many years, and have established a history of creating, publishing and distributing information to the public, government, academia, and industry. Over the years there has been an increasing demand for digital geospatial data from all of these sectors, and DNR has worked in several ways to meet this demand: by direct distribution of data to end users, in cooperative projects with other organizations, through significant contributions of digital data to multi agency CD ROM compilations, and by taking prominent roles on the Illinois Geographic Information System (IGIS) Committee. As a result of participation in national, state, county, and local projects to serve the environmental, geological, socioeconomic, and civil planning needs of Illinois and the Midwest United States, the Illinois DNR has numerous individual GIS data sets (most in Arc Info format) available for analytical use.

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