Carbon Dioxide and Helium Discharge from Mammoth Mountain

John Rogie, United States Geological Society (USGS)

This web site provides information on the study of the high carbon dioxide (CO2) and helium discharge rates occurring from Mammoth Mountain in eastern California. High concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) in soil gas are killing trees on the flanks of Mammoth Mountain. First noted in 1990, in about 1999, the areas of tree kill totaled about 170 acres in six general areas, including the most visually impressive tree-kill area adjacent to Horseshoe Lake on the south side of Mammoth Mountain. Information on carbon dioxide and helium monitoring using Continuous Flow Instruments (CFI's) is given as well as its current hazard status. Users may also receive information on the monitoring of helium gas which may have a source in common with the carbon dioxide gas. Users can also access additional information on the subject from the United States Geological Survey, as well as area maps, a geologic history of the area, a photo gallery, and a section on the current conditions.

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