Using Geochemical Data: Evaluation, Presentation, Interpretation
Hugh Rollinson 1993 Longman

The advent of automated geochemical analytical techniques over the last two decades has brought about significant changes in the field of geochemistry, stimulating the evolution of highly specialized sub-disciplines and the production of a huge volume of geochemical data. The methodologies of the main geochemical sub-disciplines are clearly explained, drawing together separate fields to provide an overview of the disparate techniques currently in use. The book encompasses major and trace element, radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry, with emphasis on explaining the potential of geochemical techniques and interpreting the results.

Major themes include: (1) a critical analysis of geochemical data and current geochemical techniques, (2) the selection of elements for display on variation diagrams, and (3) the use of geochemical data in problem solving and discriminating geological processes.

ISBN 0-582-06701-4
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