GeoTimes: Newsmagazine of the Earth Sciences

Marcus Milling, David Applegate, Kristina Bartlett, American Geological Institute, American Geological Institute, American Geological Institute

GeoTimes is the monthly news magazine for geoscience professionals and enthusiasts published by the American Geological Institute. Covered are research findings, industry trends, and developments in politics, education, and technology as they relate to the earth sciences. Available online for each current or back issue is a brief synopsis of the respective cover article, highlights of the issue (From the Editor), shorter news articles (News Notes), selected up-to-date news (Web Extras), briefs on the interface between politics and the geosciences (Political Scene), and reports of recent natural occurrences of particular interest to geoscientists (GeoPhenomena). Also provided are sections for subscriptions, classified ads, submission guidelines for writers, a user-supported, searchable conference and event calendar, links to other AGI sites, news about people and announcements from AGIs member societies (Society Page), and photograph submissions (Where on Earth). Access is provided to the AGIs home page and its related directories. Subscription to the full magazine in hardcopy is available for a fee.

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