Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory On-Line Data

This site provides access to a variety of oceanographic and atmospheric data products. Some of the products available include Ocean Buoy data, tsunami data, 1997-98 El Nino sea level for the US West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii, real-time images and data from research ships, climate databases via the FERRET program, the Atmospheric Chemistry Data Server, seafloor data from the coaxial segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, data on exploration of hydrothermal vents, Florida current transport data, EPIC observational data, Pacific Ocean hydrography from WOCE P15S Cruise cross sections, Ka'imimoana Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profile (ADCP) Data, Atmospheric Chemistry Trace Gas Program data, Historical TAO CTD data, near real-time TAO CTD data, and access to other distributed NOAA data and information. This site also has animations and virtual reality displays of tsunamis, El Nino and La Nina, fisheries oceanography, and Convection and Circulation at Ocean Ridge Crests.

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